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Thousand Islands Tour Package - Travel Packages To Thousand Island vacation
Travel Packages Thousand Islands, or Kepulauan Seribu Island is a group who are in Jakarta. Travelers in the Thousand Islands is the dominant local tourists from jakarta, can but not a few tourists from outside Jakarta or overseas who visit to enjoy the beauty of nature and thousand island tourist facilities. we also can hold you around to all areas of the cluster of a thousand islands such as Pulau Untung Jawa, Pari Island, Tidung Court, Pulau Pramuka, Roast, Island Wishful thinking, Coconut Island, Island Sebira, Angel Island, Pulau Kotok Akbar, Island Princess, Island in the Sun and Sepa. Enjoy the natural appeal that is so fascinating.
We offered a variety Create Packages Island Resort - Society Islands - Private Island - Rental Boats - Package Event - Rental throughout the hotel which could be found in us.


Thousand Islands on is one of the districts in North Jakarta City Administration. District administration center is located in Pramuka Island which since started to be used as well as the central government district yrs since 2003. There are two Districts in the Thousand Islands District Administration District of South Thousand Islands and the District of North Thousand Islands.
South Thousand Islands subdistrict oversees three villages are Tidung Island Village, Village Pari Island, Untung Jawa Island & Village. North Thousand Islands subdistrict in charge of three villages, too, is the Village Coconut Island, Village Island ideals, and the Village Bake Island.

Kepulauan Seribu District Administration has a number of people a number of approximately 20,000 people who spread in eleven tiny uninhabited islands. Among the eleven islands in Untung Jawa Island, Pulau Pari, Lancang Island, Tidung Gede, Tidung Tiny Island, Pulau Pramuka, Bake, Ideals Island, Coconut Island, Pulau Kelapa Dua, and Sebira Island. With the exception of uninhabited islands, there are also many islands amalgamated which is a tourist island, such as Angel Island, Onrust Island, Pulau Kotok Gede, Island Princess, Island in the Sun, Sepa, etc.

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